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Is Angelina Jolie Crazy or facing Karma

Staff Writer

2016-10-08 .

If you have not heard, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are splitting. The only problem with this divorced is life on repeat. Lets go down memory lane.

Jolie is known and has been documented to have mental problems. The problems were based off her child hood and various members of her family confirmed the information.

"Later, she contemplated suicide, first by pills, then, more dramatically, by taking a hit out on herself. But, in true Hollywood fashion, the would-be hitman talked her out of it. "Her suicidal thoughts came about because she has no sense of self. She had internalized all that abandonment as a baby," one of Morton's shrinks says (74). Morton says she came out of her downward spiral when she learned to play the drums. "I sincerely believe the drums helped save her life," says Joey Covington, her drum teacher and the former drummer of Jefferson Airplane. Early on, when Covington was trying to get Jolie to really hit it, he asked her to write the names of people she hated on gaffer tape and stick them to the drumheads. Among those named? Her father and her agent. " source

As Jolie aged, one can assume that she has not continued her treatment. For example, while Jolie was young, she had mojo and, she could use it. One can verify this from past articles about her life with Mike Jagger, Billy Bob Thornton and her last whipped dude aka Brad Pitt. All the men were married or involved at the time. An upset woman with alot adventure will win out every time.

Jolie free spirit is fading, the removal of her breast, the kids, the failed movies, Hollywood exec emails, and now allegedly her husband might need a new spring chicken with out damaged body parts.

This video Blogger explains more details about the past relationship and the current sitation


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