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Donald Glover's Atlanta Delivers strong racial stereotypes of African American Experience

Staff Writer

2016-09-23 .

If you have heard about the New FX show Atlanta, you may think of a new show for millennials but with the reinforcements of Good Times. Glover must have heavily compromised(sold out) to get this show on the TV box. Although the show has some funny parts and covers some social issues just like Good Times did, the show is basically reinforcing stereotypes.

If we look at the main character in the show Earn Marks, we noticed a few things. He has no stability, lazy, living off his baby mother and shooting for a pipe dream with no pipe or solid foundation. Yes, the good times.

If we do some character redevelopment, Marks could have been working at some place , doing a room share with somebody and paying his child support like a good responsible person. While doing all that, he still could have tried to be someone's manager. Lets not forget , Marks was a DJ or ex DJ with no equipment.

The next character in this new millennials hood wicked show is Paper Boy. This is a new stereotype. Yes, a drug dealer that wants to be a rapper. A drug dealer that shot someone in today's camera filled world and has not been caught. A drug dealer that smokes weed all day , plays video games and other stuff that low level drug dealers do.

Hmmm, Paper Boy character's redevelopment. Nothing wrong Paper Boy being rapper , he can do that. Drug dealer hmmm no. Paper now works for Uber , or Lfyt or some other shared economy job. He now has the same freedom as the drug dealer but with a long life line. Paper Boy still can smoke weed and carry a gun.

The next character is Darius. Darius is Paper Boy's friend. Darius is a drug dealer too but , he has philosophy to him.

Darius will become a used car sales person and have a shared economy job. Darius still can smoke weed and the other stuff that Paper Boy does.

The last person is a female. Well, she has a child and dates other dudes on the side and lives with her baby daddy. This sounds like a hoe. This needs some redevelopment.

Vanessa can be a single mom and,she still can work. Hell, in most cases the Black Woman is seen as successful in other ethnic groups eyes and, it appears the same way on the show. Vanessa does not have Earn living with her. This way her business is her business.


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