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Was Elliot in the Morning a bully to Holly Morris FOX 5?

Staff Writer

2016-09-14 .

Holly Morris really is just a local yocal celebrity in the DMV area. Morris is a long time DC FOX 5 news reporter but , during her career at the station, she was apart of a bitter divorced which involved her ex husband. Who is a former station weather man and one of her female co workers. While the alleged affair was going on at the FOX news room, Elliot alleged was bashing Holly on his daily radio show. Morris leaked this information in a recent podcast.

Many people don't know that DJ Elliot Segal lived a few homes down from Morris and her former husband Tom Sater. Morris assumed Segal had an had problem wtih her but, she did not know the cause. Segal referred to Morris as the dum blonde bitch.

People are wondering did Sater take Gurvir Dhindsa from Segal. If we reference the podcast, Morris stated that Dhindsa made a move on her new husband too. It appears. Dhindsa had the power to get any man. People are wondering was Segal jealous of Dhindsa new boo and , he tried to dogged Morris out to open her eyes.

During the podcast, Morris went into detail about the work life with the lustful two before the split and after the split.

Being that Morris was the butt of many jokes because Sater got her the job, she could not pick up on the office gossip about allegedly Dhindsa and Tom spending alot of private time in the back parking lot of Fox 5 DC.

Many people don't know that after the divorced from Sater. Morris had to still work with Dhindsa , who is Sater new wife and allegedly his mistress, after Sater and Morris split. Morris had to witness Sater and Dhindsa family grow with kids too.

Morris admits she had personal problems during her marriage to Sater but leaked out that Sater had some type of addiction and, Dhindsa became the person he exposed his private thoughts while at the job.

We will never know the reason Segal bullied Morris on a daily basis ten years ago on his radio show on DC 101. There is only speculation that gossip travels , that Dhindsa and Segal may have been friends at one point or, Segal was just being a shock jock.


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