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The bums of My Current Situation #BET

Staff Writer

2016-09-11 .

BET has presented a new reality TV docu-drama that appears to have some real life to it. The series is based around 3 African American women that live in the Atlanta area. At first, the show has some stereotypes with it but follows up with a little balance.

Rachael Johnson aka RORO seems to have a make up problem. The problem is her face. She is known as a famous model but more then likely just almost famous. RORO has a problem with leaving the house with out make up and or the war paint as some my call it.

This leads Johnson to seek therapy and try to work on her self esteem. Everyone knows that all models wear war paint for the camera and other entertainment venues.

The next cast member has a little more dynamics to her. This person is a female wrestler, has two boys, a man , a home and some higher education. Yes, meet Delenia Adams.

Adams story line is based around her man , a wedding and family along with her career. Only thing, Adams man is about 7 years younger then her and this will be her second marriage. Adams and Mathew King have sought counseling for their relation which opens up more story lines.

King family backup is not so perfect because his father is a pastor and has about 30 kids.

The last cast member must have been a very spoiled woman with a big butt , green eyes and a smile. This woman at 29 left her family and kids to seek a career in the music industry.

Meet Alexis Bell and her current situation has a lot of did not work outs. Bell moves to Atlanta after dumping her family and kids with very little employable skills.

Well , we all have a hot hook and music track but, we stay in reality. Bell gets to Atlanta but had a room mate but upon arrival the roommate gets evicted, meets some dude due to her big butt and smile. He gets arrested but, she has his 90k car that she lives in currently. You know there is a smell with her from time to time

Well, what options does a starving almost 30 year old shapely female have with no money. Hmmm, she can strip ,hoe or get a job. In the show, she was faced with all these options and guess which one she followed up.

You guest it. She still want to rock the mic.


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