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Robyn Dixon answered 21 question and talks about Lipstickalley.com #RHOP

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Real Housewives of Potomac cast member Robyn Dixon took the time to answer 21 questions submitted to her. She talked about various members of the cast looking down on Baltimore, her friendship with other pro athletes wives, groupies and their lifestyle, who owns lipstick alley, and blogsites.

1. What is your educational background. Did you graduate from College or attend? If you did attended or graduated, state the school and major.

I graduated from the University if Maryland in 2000 with a degree in Marketing

2. Are you the owner of Lipstickalley.com or thinking about buying Lipstickalley.com?

I have nothing to do with Lipstick Alley nor have I ever. That was a strange rumor a few years ago and I have no clue how it came about. I never even posted on Lipstick Alley. I think someone was pretending to be me.

3. Will there be a second season of Real Housewives of Potomac?

I hope so but do not officially know!

4. What advice would you give new wives to professional athletes

Wow, I need a lot of time for this. I would say to be understanding and supportive of their unique position but also treat them as the responsible, grown men they should be.

5. Have you every had to fight a groupie or been in a bad situation with a groupie.

No. I donít give groupies my energy.

6. Has your life change much since your new fame. Do you still have your privacy?

My life has not changed drastically. People recognize me but it is not overwhelming.

7. Name your favorite sports teams

Baltimore Ravens

8. Did you play sports either in high school or college or did you take part in any activities

I played basketball through high school.

9. Do you feel some cast members look down on your home town of Baltimore based on various statements made

I definitely feel like some of the cast think that they are ďbetterĒ than Baltimore.

10. Do you think color and class issues exist with Real Housewives of Potomac

I donít think color and class issues exist on RHOP. We are able to have open dialogues about our own unique experiences as black women.

11. Which blog sites do you visit and read

I donít spend much time online but check people.com and theybf.com daily.

12. Which message boards do you visit


13. Who is the most educated house wife

I think its a 4 way tie between me, Gizelle, Katie, and Charrisse. I believe we all have bachelorís degrees.

14. Did anyone tell you not to do the show

Those close to me definitely had their reservations but I assured them that I am proud of myself and everything Iíve endured.

15. Are you a good cook , average cook, just ok cook

I am a good cook and prefer to cook healthy meals. I donít throw down in the kitchen though.

16 Does Juan Dixon cook meals sometimes

Ummmmm, not really. Maybe breakfast every once in a while. Heís good with the microwave though, lol.

17. What types of music do you like and what is your favorite song

I like hip hop, r&b, soul, EDM, club, pop. Favorite song right now is Rihannaís Work.

18. While you are out, do more men seem to pay attention to you now because of your situation with your ex husband

Iím not sure, maybe they are afraid to approach me, lol.

19 are you friends with other professional athletes wives if so who

I keep in touch with:

Ione Jamison - ex wife of former NBA Antawn Jamison, also had a reality show on WE, Love Thy Sister

Nichole Thomas - wife of former NBA Etan Thomas

Johari Rollins - wife of MLB Jimmy Rollins

Ecko Gay - wife of NBA Rudy Gay

Illia Hayes - wife of former NBA Jarvis Hayes

20. Did your husband get a new job in the coaching field .

Not yet. He is still on the Maryland Basketball staff

21. What is your relationship with Sheila Dixon

Sheila is a fantastic Aunt to Juan and his siblings as well as our children. I see her frequently at family events.