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Robyn Dixon and Juan home listed on Homepath.com OMG:HUD owns it

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If you not been living under a rock, you may have head about the ex NBA players wife, who is named Robun Dixon, being a cast mate of Real Housewives of Potomac. Well, as Gary with Tea may say, please call up the Pray Warriors. Robyn and Juan Dixon have allowed HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) to take their lovely home.

This would be a good buy for anyone. The home is located in a golf course community and has easy access to 95 and MD 200 and two major roads in Montgomery County,MD. You are about 30 mins from Frederick, MD, 15 Mins from Laurel, MD , 20 Mins from Baltimore, 20 mins from DC and 35 mins from VA. If the asking price is 700k and HUD listed, you can bid 500k and walk away with a steal. The only problem is the condo fee. In the Dixon's ex community, the snow is removed by the home owners association which could be costly.

A picture was obtained from inside the house which shows some physical damage. Many people are asking what was removed.

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