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#rhop Real Housewives of Potomac sidekick busted by SEC

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If you have been watching Reality TV , you my have noticed a new train wreck program called Real Housewives of Potomac. The setting is Potomac, MD. Many outside of the DMV(DC, MD,VA) have not heard of this insular landscape of people but , those that live in the DC metro area have.

As you know on all Reality shows, there is the major cast and, their are the sidekicks. In this new show on Bravo, Brynee Baylor keeps popping up on the screen like a bobble head with a unknown background.

If you want to know more about this bobble head, the information is not hard to find. Brynee worked hard in her early life to obtain a law degree and be apart of a successful law firm in Silver Spring. The title of the firm is The Baylor Law Group, PLLC.

People have many ups and down in their life. Well, Baylor website is downs thebaylorlawgroup.com, and she allegedly had to pay 3 million to settle a case.

This case was based around fraud and non profits. to download the court documents