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A single White mother's rage while raising her Black (bi racial) kids

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Do single White mothers have a difficult life in America or is it all gravy not be a descendent of slavery? Well, it may be good for some single White mothers in American but, some White mothers that have bi racial kids. Life can be very difficult.

A Brief interview with a single White mother with Bi racial kids

What problems or obstacles have you faced being a single White mother to Black children that your birth?

I have been called everything but a white woman, frowned upon and talked about. My family disowned me and refuse to help financially. I have honestly raised my kids by myself including all financial support comes from me. My kids have gotten picked on for me being white, but my girls swear I'm black.

When dating, how do black men treat you having bi racial kids compared to white men?

This is a funny one, most white men don't really give me a second look, but I've always been overly accepted by black men n most have appreciated my struggle.

Has past or present employers discriminated against or shown you less favor after they found out that you had bi racial kids that happen to be of African descent?

Yes, I have had employers treat me differently. But I've never allowed anyone's ignorance stand in my way or change who I am.

What advice would you give a single white mom that is about to have bi racial kids of African descent?

My advice is to stand for what you believe and never stop standing up for your child. They are Gods greatest blessing. Teach your child to be proud of who they are and that they are extra special to share 2 cultures. Teach them about both of their cultures. And no matter how hard it seems, just know you can make it. I Have found being a mother of bi-racial children has been a rewarding experience in my own life. I've learned with my children and has made me a better person.