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Does Baltimore Mega Million Winner receive over 1000 dollars in food stamps?

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Before all you people against social service or welfare jump on the band wagon of hate, all those kids have to eat.

Everyone knows streetroachpics.com has the multi city connection to the down and dirty gossip in the street. Well, the Baltimore Mega million woman has 7 kids and the last two are twins that are 14months. that is 1 years old and some change to us normal people.

People on social service cannot tell Mr Dallas aka DSS that a man lives with you otherwise, you don't get any help.

Lets goto the streets of Baltimore the city believes and lets goto that day the mega million pool was started. If you recall a pool was started at a fast food chain, the mother of 7 kids from south west Baltimore or a small village in Africa went to get the tickets and returned. After her return , all the tickets were photo copied.

After this, the manager of the store allegedly gave this woman 5 more dollars to go back to the store and get more tickets. This is where the law of possession comes into play but, we will not go down this road.

The people that have known this woman for years state that every time she comes to DSS her belly was full of human life. Well, this woman will not need the government anymore . She will need some more lucky cause 105 million will make people do crazy things.